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Date of Death Appraisals

Date of Death Appraisals

When handling the estate of a loved one, obtaining an accurate Date of Death appraisal is crucial for proper estate settlement and compliance with legal requirements. At Square Ft. Appraisals, we provide expert valuation services that ensure precise and reliable assessments of real estate values as of the date of passing. Our experienced appraisers understand the sensitivity and importance of this process, offering professional and timely service to support you during this challenging time.

Why It’s Important: A Date of Death appraisal is essential for calculating the fair market value of the deceased’s property, which is necessary for estate tax purposes and equitable distribution among heirs. Accurate appraisals can prevent disputes and ensure that the estate is settled in accordance with legal standards.

What to Consider When Hiring for This Service: When selecting an appraisal service, it’s important to choose a provider with expertise in estate appraisals, a strong reputation for accuracy, and an understanding of local market conditions. Square Ft. Appraisals meets these criteria, offering professional appraisers with extensive experience and a commitment to delivering thorough and precise reports.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Date of Death appraisal? A Date of Death appraisal determines the fair market value of a property as of the date of an individual’s passing. This valuation is used for estate settlement and tax purposes.

How long does the appraisal process take? The timeframe can vary based on property complexity and availability of necessary information, but we strive to complete appraisals within 7-10 business days.

Why is an accurate appraisal important? An accurate appraisal ensures compliance with legal requirements, fair distribution of assets, and helps to avoid disputes among heirs.

What information do you need to conduct the appraisal? We require details about the property, any recent improvements, and access to relevant documents such as deeds or previous appraisals.

Choose Square Ft. Appraisals for your Date of Death appraisal needs and experience our dedication to precision, professionalism, and compassionate service.

About Square Foot Appraisals

With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, including sales, rentals, property management, and property valuations, we provide expert appraisal services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our extensive service area includes the metropolitan Washington, DC market, covering the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery County, MD. We have also expanded our services to coastal Delaware and Maryland to serve clients with estates along the eastern seaboard.

Our Expertise

Certified Residential Appraisals: We hold certifications in DC, DE, MD, and VA, ensuring our appraisals are conducted with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism.

Comprehensive Market Coverage: We specialize in the metropolitan Washington, DC market, providing precise valuations for properties in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery County, MD.

Coastal Appraisal Services: Our services extend to coastal Delaware and Maryland, where we specialize in appraising custom homes, waterfront properties, and investment properties.

Specialized Legal and Accounting Support: We offer experienced appraisal services for legal and accounting professionals, particularly for estate and probate cases.

Why Choose Square Foot Appraisals?


Benefit from over 25 years in the real estate industry.


Certified residential appraisers in DC, DE, MD, and VA.


Expertise in custom homes, waterfront properties, and investment properties.


Trusted by legal and accounting professionals for estate and probate cases.

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